Chocolate Hills in Albay

Quitinday Hills or Greenhills in Albay will give you chill. It is amazing place to hike. I know it is far from the pper land of Camalig. Hiking is not bad because it is not too stiff. You can enjoy the fresh air, the people around here are nice. 
If you want to go here and you don’t have a private car you can rent a tricycle going here. Don’t be shocked with the fare fee because it is expensive. I asked before how much it will cost they say “500 Pesos” (10dollars) back and fort. 
I admit it is far, and the road is rocky. But i am sure you will love this place.
Visit this place and capture the beautiful sunset. 


Wandering National Museum of the Philippines


Too many things are forbidden in this place. If you are a VLOGGER taking video is forbidden. And yes, i was caught by the security. I was just doing some time lapse and they say it is not allowed to take any kind of video. So yeah, that is a warning.

There is no entrance fee is this place.

One thing that I observed things are not put on straight. I mean, it is always in slanting phase. Specially the gallery and painting. I asked the nice security and they said yes it is on purpose but they do not know the reason behind. Do you know guys the reason? If yes please comment down below. Hehe

The national museum has 4 building, we went were the gallery is. And it has 4-floor. I forgot to take pictures of some information about the place due to i was mesmerized by the place and art gallery. Next destination I want to go to where Lolong is (the big crocodile in the Philippines) lol but it has a entrance fee maybe around Php80.00 but not bad.

You can use elavator and stairs for you to go to the underground floor,3rd floor and 4th floor. And yes, 2nd floor where is your first stop. Where the famous painting of Juan Luna the Spolarium will welcome you.


The girl in the picture is not me. Hehe, she is my friend that I went with going to National Museum. Look at the painting, isn’t it amazing? right? Do you really want to miss this art work from our great painter from our history. We all know their name because either we like it or not, our school will teach us about our history even the paintings and other stuff. BUT if you are a foreigner, you are welcome to visit this museum and discover how amazing the Philippine is.

I didn’t get any information about the photo’s because like I said awhile ago, I was mesmerized by this place. Down are some photo I captured from the museum, I hope you will like it guys.


This hallway is full of artwork of trees and plants, and again I am sorry i cannot give any information about this. But i swear I will come back to the museum and will get now the information


Photo below, this really fancy my eyes. LOL but seriously it gives me chill every time I see the interior of this gallery room. The color and the interior, it is so relaxing.



Look at this images, that is what I am talking about. It makes me relax, well i don’t know about you guys, but let me know what is your comment about this place okay?

Next, this is some sculptures that I get, some of them are know to be heroes, ex politician, and really part of the history. But I will warn you guys, the sculpture does not have any eyes and it scares me but still it is a form of an art. Enjoy



Andres Bonifacio




Lapu-Lapu 🙂


Manuel L. Quezon


That’s it for this blog guys, i will make another blog for some of the artwork I found in the museum. I hope you like my blog and comment down below and share guys. It’ll be a big help to me. Don’t forget that you are all amazing, ciao!